Helping Willow get more shine than a little bit…… 9yr old figure skater.


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WTF?? P Diddy baby momma look just like his Mother!


Why does P Diddy baby momma look so damn old?  She looks like a barbie from afar but you get a close up of the bitch and it’s like YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWEY.  Smh.  Misa is her name, mother of Diddy’s son Justin, she actually favors P Diddy’s mother.  To think this bitch has the audacity to tell another one of P.diddy’s baby mother’s Kim Porter, that she needs to accept all his bitches in his baby momma tribe.  First off i can’t stand a bitch that is not famous for shit but her aging pussy.  Clearly Misa is living off the money provided to take care of their son Justin, and not doing a very good job of it.  That’s one thing about me, I am famous for scaring the shit out of the world, not popping my pussy for the next rapper.  How ya Like me now bitches!!!!

1 comment January 26, 2010

My mother told me she should have done this to me


…But instead she put up with me long enough to collect a check.  Click the link or paste it into your browser  And beware it may scare you, but it’s the reality that counts.

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Can you believe…

That this is actually one of the first Mercedes Benz? This car is too cool!! LOL I wonder what the starting price was. Anyway it looks hella uncomfortable, thanks to the makers over at Hummer; they make you appreciate being born in these fast and comfortable times!

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You dumb ass people, I pulled an old fashioned “Gotcha, bitch”.

Welp ya girl did it, made headlines, not 1 but multiple headlines in the news. Cuz I made some of you shit on yourself….think I give a fuck? Ask the picture, bitch. Shame on you guys for falling for the same dumb shit smh, for the THIRD time in a row.

19 comments January 17, 2010

Dig this…

11 comments December 28, 2009

Died and went straight to shoe HEAVEN!!


This just in I am a shoe fanatic and would love to have every pair of 6 inch stilettos ever made!!!  I have recently discovered in a song by Jennifer Lopez “Louboutins” (by Christian Louboutin) these KICK ASS heels they are to die for….so when you niggas get done beating off, please politely get me some in a size 10…or I will die!!!!  These and other shoes in the Christian Louboutin collection are starting in the 500’s…I don’t care I want them and will die and sell my soul to lucifer if I have to.  These and the Ballenciaga lego heels before I die I want to cop a pair of those babies!

2 comments December 11, 2009

Most expensive car of 2009.

The Bugatti Veryon….for all you imagining ass nigs, when the rappers speak on something that leaves you clueless…this is what a Bugatti actually looks like in the flesh.  Bugatti has been named the fastest car of 2009 because it can reach 0-60 in 2.6 seconds.  Bugatti’s fastest speed is 253mph.  I’m not impressed, at the life threatening speed or the nice little ticket on this mug.   The Bugatti prices in a nice 1.6 mil …lets see Diddy buy his ho one of these!

2 comments November 7, 2009




LOL “I’m different guy”???!!!!   And he brought 50 Cents laugh back —A -HAAAA!! (choking on my own fluids)!!! Well I can’t hate to hard lol this nig is serious and the song is seriously WACK!!!

2 comments October 30, 2009

Fantasia what “possessed” you to wear…


Those shoe are hideous!!!!

These uglay ass shoes??  And where did you get them, and REMIND me not to ever go there.  They probably would look nice on another pair of feet.  She just looks a little dyked out is all!!!  All those biker tats….NOT sexy!!  Body all marked up like the subway in Harlem….Besides tats not only look better, but show up better on lighter skin.  I know I know that sounds pretty mean but whatever don’t give a damn about your feelings!  SUCKA

1 comment October 28, 2009






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