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Lil Wayne!!!  Du-uh sucka, Yes and no.  This is a Gangster Geek.  Notice the gangster comes before the geek.  The willingness to be a star yet you possess some type of smarts.  NOT!!  Lil Wayne is not in prison as of YET-or so smart, but as early as Jan 2010 Lil Wayne will be some some “fresh fish” barely clinging to the last possible muscle in his ass….(let me rephrase that) DUMB-ass.  Aside from everything else you all should know by now I fux with Lil Wayne….hopefully he is not a demon………


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Micheal Jackson, top Demon

Gets all his followers to worship him after his death. Hmmmm how the FUCK do they all know the dance? Maybe it’s some truth to those demonic theories afterall this shit is scary and I have to drive home alone….

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Hating to the EXTREME!!!


Ok so you all know by now Jay-z has supposedly wedded his demonic queen Beyonce A.K.A Sasha Fierce….I have scoured Youtube Google and any other search engine that has the damn non-sense posted, and I’m not fucking convinced that (LOL) Jay-z  and his wife are possessed by demonic forces trying to gather as many souls to the underworld…HAHAHAH.  That has to be the craziest form of  HATING in the human imagination.  I’ve read all the theories about the word “DIVA”  The Star of Baphomet….and I’ll tell you it IS pretty convincing, but come on Beyonce and Hov always thank GOD at all the award ceremonies…but if there is some truth to this theory of selling one’s soul to the devil (LOL) I need the hook up asap!!  No, rebuking that shit in the name of Jesus….Is the key to success selling ones soul to THE DEVIL himself???  What do you think?

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Yeah you better get your prayers together…

Please God, why have you forsaken me!!!

Please God, why have you forsaken me!!!

Because once you bring that fresh boy pussy to the yard….it’s gonna be chow-time for them niggas.  Lil Wayne convicted on gun charges and said to face up to a year in the pen.  You dumb ass muthfuckin rappers need to really STOP with all these fuckin gun charges. Seriously you are worth millions-yet you couldn’t take a couple hundred out your savings to get your artillery registered dumb-ass? T.I. was the fuckin poster child for that shit not too long ago…WHEN WILL YOU NIGGAS LEARN??

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Maybe my ass ain’t big enough…

Nor are my broke pockets screaming BROKE enough I sent worldstarhiphop fag-goats a submission to become a wshh bunny and pinky gets the shit…..the cries of desperation….Pinks…we all know your broke we see the tweets you twitt on twitter…You need to stop lieing and try to kidnap your content back from your slave masters….Don’t worry you still are MY fav porn star.  You need to leave the small stuff to us small timers and stick to what you know, which by the way rhymes with “stick”.  Reclaim your thrown!!!

Can she even hold a baby up in that muthfucka?

Can she even hold a baby up in that muthfucka?

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Love shouldn’t cost THAT much!!!

Oh you such a good little trick of a nigga!

Oh you such a good little trick of a nigga!

So you all know by now that P. Diddy is what I like to call a lifelong “bag of tricks” (trick ass nigga)……Instead of buying his current and long time (baby momma) Kim Porter, a wedding ring….To thank her for her lifelong committment as his pussy he buys the bitch a BENTLEY (valued at $200,000!!)—–Thinking about all the vienna sausages that would buy!!!!!!….not shocking? It does appear to me that “Puff Daddy” is going through the world ASS BACKWARDS. I thought it was love then marriage then all them damn kids!!! Oh well, who am I too pass judgement??

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Hello world!

Welcome to famezblog

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